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We’re part of the National Wild Turkey Federation’s national initiative to:

Conserve or enhance acres of critical wildlife habitat in Texas
We’re bringing focus to our conservation delivery by identifying areas of habitat that provide the most positive impact for wildlife.

Recruit hunters
We’re securing the future of wildlife conservation in Texas by increasing the number of hunters, who pay for 80 percent of wildlife conservation through excise taxes on guns, ammunition and more.

Open access to additional acres for hunting
Because lack of access to hunting lands is a main reason people stop hunting, we’re ensuring there’s opportunity for everyone to find a place to go.

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Prior to the implementation of Women in the Outdoors, NWTF supported female-focused outdoor skills training programs through various organizations. Seeing the demand for such activities for women, the NWTF expanded its outreach efforts to include a formal Women in the Outdoors program in 1998.

In the past decade, the number of women owning firearms and participating in target shooting and hunting has soared.

According to Southwick Associates, women now make up more than a quarter of all anglers and represent the fastest growing segment within the hunting and shooting communities.

Women who seek outdoor adventures or more quality time with family and friends will find that connection through hundreds of Women in the Outdoors events hosted by NWTF chapters around Texas. Events are affordable and offer outdoor activities such as archery, shotgunning and various introduction to hunting classes. Women in the Outdoor members receive a one year subscription to Turkey Country magazine and special discounts.

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Get kids on target through the 4-H Shooting Sports Program!
The 4-H Shooting Sports program teaches kids safety and shooting techniques for shotgun, rifle, air gun, muzzle loading and archery. They learn how to handle firearms responsibly for target practice and hunting and learn respect for the natural environment.

The goal of all 4-H Youth Development programs is youth development. All project areas work toward developing skills youth need to be productive and positive adults in society. Decision making, teamwork, problem solving, being responsible and having high self-esteem are just a few of the many skills 4-H helps to develop.

Objectives specific to the 4-H Shooting Sports program are to:

  • Encourage participation in environmental and outdoor education programs by exposing youth to shooting, hunting and other related activities.
  • Support youth in developing valuable conservation and natural resources related knowledge, skills and stewardship.
  • Enhance development of self-concept, character and personal growth through safe, educational and socially acceptable involvement in shooting.
  • Teach safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment.
  • Promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, ethical behavior and conservation.
  • Strengthen families through participation in lifelong recreational activities.
  • Provide hands-on learning experiences.

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Wheelin’ Sportsmen provides all people with disabilities opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. With more than 50 million people with disabilities in the United States, Wheelin’ Sportsmen fills a significant void.

NWTF chapters host Wheelin’ Sportsmen events across Texas that help participants gain a sense of independence by learning to stay active in the outdoors on their own in between Wheelin’ Sportsmen events.

Event participants can enjoy activities like hunting, fishing and shooting. In addition to local chapter events, Wheelin’ Sportsmen hosts an assortment of other state and national events.

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In 1981, NWTF saw a need to get youth outdoors and began the JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) program. Xtreme JAKES was later added to provide teens with more advanced outdoor opportunities. JAKES Take Aim gives youth the chance to try target shooting, clay target shooting and shotgunning in a safe, fun environment.

JAKES is dedicated to informing, educating and involving youth in wildlife conservation and the wise stewardship of our natural resources.

We provide Texas youth ages 12 and younger chances to explore their outdoor world through fun events that help pass on the traditions of responsible hunting, teach the principles of habitat management, hunting ethics and safety.

Xtreme JAKES offers youth ages 13-17 opportunities and challenges more in line with their abilities and experiences. Xtreme JAKES learn to be responsible outdoorsmen and women through fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. They learn to identify plants and animals, as well as how to effectively call in those elusive toms through hunting seminars taught by legends in the field.

The JAKES Take Aim program presents opportunities for youth ages 17 and younger to try target shooting, clay target shooting and shotgunning in a safe, fun environment.

We have a fully equipped airgun trailer to use during local JAKES and youth events. The trailer contains everything needed to set up an indoor or outdoor airgun range.

We host sporting clay shooting events in partnership with local shooting ranges and gun clubs. JAKES Take Aim will provide clay targets and ammunition for registered and approved events.

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We bring conservation education to students across Texas with NWTF Education Boxes.

For years, teachers have relied on the education boxes for lessons in conservation for children in kindergarten through high school. Today, those boxes have been redesigned with new visual guides and new lessons from Project Learning Tree to leave a lasting impact on young minds.

Teachers can find resources on an included flash drive to help convey the story of the greatest comeback of any wild species — the wild turkey. It also teaches children what active conservation looks like and what it can achieve.

The Education Box also includes a collapsible, scaled model of a wild turkey transport box, a colorful bulletin board display, wild turkey anatomy and habitat posters, along with a set of pencils, feather bookmarks and rulers.

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NWTF Dr. James Earl Kennamer Academic Scholarship Program

Applicants must be a senior, have a 3.0 or higher GPA, plan to attend a institution of higher education after high school, be a member of National Wild Turkey Federation and actively participate in hunting sports. Selection is based on scholastic achievement, leadership abilities, community service and commitment to conservation.

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