Chapter Team

NWTF MC 2018 Banquet JH2 081618

Honorary Committee Members

Thank you for your generous support!

Wayne Potter

Joe Salas

Scott Stephens

Vence Petrenella


Committee Members

James Alpha, Committee Member and Past President

Robert Cochran, Committee Member

Stephen Davis, Committee Member

Steve Fettes, Veterans and Wheelin’ Sportsmen Chair

Tim Gage, Games Chair

James Hardy, Committee Member

Paul Korthuis, Promotion and Media Relations

Jim Lusk, Committee Member

Scott McMillan, Committee Member

Chuck Morris, Committee Member

Sandra Mullins, Committee Member

Bob Parbs, Committee Member

Wally Stinson, Committee Member

Jay Todd, Vice President and Scholarship Chair

Desmond Vickery, Committee Member

Liz Vickery, Committee Member

Cathy Zimmerman, Secretary

Lee Zimmerman, President and Banquet Chair


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