2019 Sponsors

NWTF MC 2018 Banquet JH2 081618

Who wants to top the list in 2019?

Our events would not be successful without the support of our sponsorship partners and donors. Wayne Potter, Joe Salas, Scott Stephens, Vence Petrenella, Mike Shouse, and Jarod Hamm went way above and beyond in making the 2018 banquet a success!

Who’ll step up their support and join this special group in 2019?

This year, our event salutes the following people who have gone the extra mile to make it happen!  They are: Chester Moore, Dave Henry, Ardia and Roy Neves, Paul Korthuis, Vence Petrenella, David & Wayne Potter, Joe Salas, Scott Stephens, Brenda Valentine, Chris Woods, Cathy Zimmerman (Banquet widow), Mike Shouse, NWTF South Texas Regional Director, and Jarod Hamm, Auctioneer

We also salute Gene Hennigan, co-owner of the Double Draw Ranch, who enjoyed the banquet so much that he offered a Turkey Hunt in Junction, Texas right on the spot! That’s right, not only did he attend our banquet, he walked right up to the mic during the live auction and donated a hunt!  How cool was that? Awesome cool, I’d say!

Thank you all for helping us and the NWTF save the habitat and save the hunt in Montgomery County for generations to come.

Thank you! We appreciate you!


2019 Sponsors


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