Local Chapters working for Texas

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NWTF Texas and its partners have identified the most critical areas of habitat in the state. We are actively managing that land for the future of the wild turkey.

NWTF Texas and its partners recruit hunters and conservationists through hunter education and mentored hunts.

NWTF Texas supports public hunting access through lease programs, staying current on legislative issues that impact hunter access and working with landowners to garner access for hunting.

At the National Wild Turkey Federation Texas Chapter, the outdoors isn’t just what’s on the other side of the glass, it’s where we feel most alive. And we’re making Texas the best it can be for the people and wildlife who call it home.


On January 20th, 2018, the Texas State NWTF Chapter Board of Directors approved your annual Super Fund Budget with a working balance of $139,257.

Highlights are:

Habitat Enhancement ($58,750) – TPWD Gus Engeling WMA restoration of wildlife openings is $5,500 of $22,000 total (Post Oak Savannah); TPWD Pat Mayse WMA culverts and low water crossings for Rx burning is $5,000 of $20,000 total (Pineywoods); TPWD Gene Howe WMA riparian and restoration is $7,500 of $30,000 total (Rolling Plains); TPWD James Daughtrey WMA aerial huisache brush control is $3,750 of $15,000 total (Rio Grande Plains); TPWD Muse WMA brush removal/range seeding is $5,000 of $20,000 total (Rolling Plains) for a total of $107,000 for on-the-ground work tied to these named TPWD Wildlife Management Areas due to 3:1 matching Pittman Robertson federal aid funds. The cooperative NWTF East Texas District Biologist position support is $25,000 (with TPWD, USDA Forest Service, and NWTF), with an additional support of $2,000 provided as cooperative support for three NWTF Texas Private Lands Leasing Biologist positions. Finally, a $5,000 line item for helping TPWD to complete their R3 (Hunter Recruitment, Retention, and Re-engagement) Plan was approved.

Education ($16,757) – The “Wild About Turkeys” education box program is provided $1,000; Texas State NWTF Newsletter is funded for $12,857; the NWTF-hosted state website is $400; and, Volunteer leadership training is $2,500 for South Central Regional Rendezvous to be held this summer.

Scholarships ($10,500) – Local chapter scholarships are $8,000 (up to 16 at $500), and a statewide ($2,500) scholarship is provided.

Youth Events ($8,000) – JAKES events are provided $2,000 at $500 each, plus $2,000 from the Outreach Fund; 4-H Shooting Sports events are $3,000 at $500 each; and, National Archery in the Schools Program is $1,500 at $500 each; and, the Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge sponsorship is funded at $1,500.
Hunting Heritage ($6,250) – A contribution to the Texas Youth Hunting Program of $750 was provided; the American Hunting Heritage Fund is $2,500; and, the Outdoors Tomorrow Program is funded at $3,000.

Wild Turkey Restoration ($4,000) – Funding to assist TPWD Eastern wild turkey restoration costs (shipping costs, disease testing, fuel, per diem) is $4,000 and accumulates for future years if needed.

Women In The Outdoors ($2,000) – Statewide WITO events are $2,000 at $500 each with supplemental funding by the Outreach Fund.

Habitat Signage ($3,000) – $3,000 for statewide habitat restoration work by Texas NWTF and with partners is provided.

Wheelin’ Sportsmen ($1,500) – Statewide Wheelin’ Sportsmen events are funded at $1,500 ($500 each).

Other ($9,500) – State Chapter rebate is ~$5,000; Turkey Hunters Care is $1,000 at no more than $250 per chapter (½ of $500 for frozen turkeys); TPWD Tech Rep travel to National Convention and regional tech meetings is $2,500 (for Jason Hardin); and, the 2018 Bronze Level Sponsorship for TPWD’s Lone Star Land Steward Awards Program is $1,000.

National Convention ($19,000) – Up to $19,000 is provided to send the Texas State Chapter President, volunteer leaders (board members), and the TPWD State Game Warden (NWTF Wildlife Officer of the Year).

Our Texas Super Fund year is January 1st through December 31st of each year. Project proposal submission deadline for next year’s budget is November 1st, 2018.

Contact Gene T. Miller (gmiller@nwtf.net) or Annie Farrell (afarrell@nwtf.net) for a NWTF Hunting Heritage Super Fund Project Proposal form with instructions (electronic submission preferred) and any questions.

Prepared by Gene T. Miller, CWB® – NWTF District Biologist – West Texas & Oklahoma; 806/803-0180 Office/Fax – 806/316-0232 Mobile; gmiller@nwtf.net


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